Having taken a number of woodwind repair courses at Trevor Head's Instrument Repair School in Llangunllo, Wales, I can now offer repairs to saxophones, clarinets and flutes. I am a member of NAMIR (National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers).

If you feel that your instrument isn't playing as well as it ought to, I can advise on what work needs doing to it. It may be as simple as replacing the cork on the crook or tenon joint, or perhaps it needs a full strip-down service. This involves removing all of the keys, cleaning the instrument, oiling the action, reseating pads and regulation. A service is recommended every one to two years, to help keep the instrument in good working order.

My fees are £35 per hour, plus expenses, and I will usually need to see the instrument before being able to give an accurate quote. I am based in Borstal, Rochester.

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